Communication, Collaboration & Intelligence

Convergent PA helps you be prepared to take control of unexpected situations and maintain a positive image during times of crisis.

Being prepared when an unexpected situation happens and being able to take control of the problem is important to any business or industry. Having the right tools at your disposal are just as important.

We are able to test and understand where your vulnerabilities are and how to protect your organization and employees along with understanding how to deter potential threats through forecasting. Likewise we are able to quickly connect with a network of experts in a variety of fields to all types of assistance.

Convergent PA helps maintain a positive image of you and your organization towards the general public and your clients during times of crisis.


Land Use & Entitlement

Convergent PA works with regulatory bodies to get your project approved and retain good relations with communities.

Convergent PA, while getting your project approved, also works on maintaining good relations with communities due to our knowledge and experience working with government officials and regulators, developers, infrastructure and planning specialists, and area stake holders, thus increasing the relationship of public/private partnerships within various levels of government.

Our leadership has worked with many aspects of the building and infrastructure industry over the past fifteen years—from site accusation to financing, from construction to development, and from on-going management to revitalization of projects. It is our goal to make the concepts into reality.



Convergent PA provides assistance with development of brands, issues and focus, and organizational management.

With more than thirty years of experience working with nonprofits, we have been a part of helping numerous organizations and campaigns. We can provide assistance from development of brands, to issues and focus, along with organizational management.

We work with 501c3, 501H, 501c4, 527, including partisan and non-partisan, approved and non-approved committees, startup organizations and Political Action Committees, Super PAC’s, representation before legislative bodies and elected officials at every level, public advocacy campaigns, targeted campaigns, and broad community issues.


Partisan and Non-Partisan Elected Campaigns

Convergent PA supports seasoned and new non-partisan board members, community organizers, and elected officials.

If you are interested in non-partisan board position, or if you are an active community organizer and ready to take that first leap into elected position, we are here get you to that next level. Or if you are a seasoned elected official and want someone local rather than located miles away. Or if you just want take a more active role in democracy we are people who can get you to where you want be.


Public Policy & Governance

Convergent PA works to develop and shape public policy positions for US & foreign government policy makers.

We work with various think tanks, research facilities and universities that work on developing and shaping public policy positions and white papers that collaborate with both US and foreign government policy makers.

We are also able to provide image and media advising services along with speaker training, debate preparation, and Parliamentarian training.